Welbar - Chicken breed

The Welbar could easily become one of the most popular of the auto sexing breeds, largely due to the reasonable quantities of dark brown eggs that the breed produces. The breed was created between 1940 and 1946 by a Mr H.R.S Humphreys of Eastwrey, Lustleigh, Devon. Gold and Silver varieties were developed at the same time. The same principles were used as implemented in the creation of the Legbar. Further lines can be created by crossing a Welbar cockerel with Welsummer hens and selecting the lightest coloured chicks. The bantam version was originally created by Mr John Buck of Bristol.

Uses:Eggs, table bird
Origin:Lustleigh, Devon, England
Class:Light, soft feather, auto-sexing breed
Colour:Gold or Silver
Weight, cock:3.4 kg
Weight, hen:2.7 kg
Parentage:Welsummer, Barred Plymouth Rock
Brooding Ability:A non-sitter
Breed Club: Rare poultry Society




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